The Met Unframed

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The Background

As 2020 progressed and we saw society being quarantined, we were challenged to reimagine how we approached experiences without being able to physically be there. We approached The Met with a truly a groundbreaking new experience for us to build together from the ground up. We wanted people to experience the magic of being at The Metropolitan Museum of Art while being safe at home without needing to download any apps or even use a computer – they could do all this with their mobile device.

The Met Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

We broke the rules and blurred the line between physical and virtual. We crafted a unique experience that allowed visitors and art enthusiasts to be transported into the heart of the Met and explore it as if they were truly there, without ever leaving their couch.

Leveraging the latest in webAR and immersive 360 environments, we recreated a hyper-realistic, true to scale replica of iconic spaces within the Met and created over 12 never-before-seen galleries where visitors could freely move around, interact with the art, and learn about art history. We developed 46 interactive challenges that allowed visitors to “un-frame” art and place it in their homes with Augmented Reality. Exclusive pieces of the experience came to life and became interactive over Verizon’s 5G network.

An Experience Treated Like A Work Of Art

We developed a dynamic visual system for the experience and its supportive campaign materials. We used a combination of swiss typography that broke out of the traditional grid alongside a representation of the art itself seen as data visualization. This unexpected branding approach (for a long-standing institution) further emphasized the first-of-its-kind nature of the experience.

Priceless Art In The Streets

We created a “Stay-at-Home Gallery Opening” kit (using The Met’s remnant art crates) for a few friends of the brand and influencers to enjoy the launch of The Met Unframed. We designed official museum plaques and placed them around the city, they launched 5G AR-t that came to life in the streets. Without having any paid media, our street guerilla approach and social outreach garnered earned media and created awareness for the experience.

Press Coverage

The Results

  • Over 1 billion total impressions
  • 22,000 hours of engagement
  • 700,000 visitors from 148 countries


  • 2021 ANDY Awards
        GOLD for Craft

  • Campaign Experience Awards
        GOLD: Virtual Experience: Business To Consumer
        BRONZE: Outstanding Creative Idea
        Shortlist: Digital Experiences

  • Campaign Tech Awards
        WINNER: Best Use of Experiential Tech
        WINNER: Best Response to Change Using Tech

  • Webby
        WINNER: Websites & Mobile Sites - Best Mobile Visual Design - Aesthetic:
        SHORTLIST: Advertising, Media & PR - Branded Content

  • Art Directors Club
        WINNER: Advertising: Art Direction - Digital / Motion - Digital
        WINNER: Innovation: Digital Experiences - Augmented / Mixed Reality


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  • D&AD
        SHORTLIST: Digital Design / Immersive Experiences

  • New York Festival Advertising Awards
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